Listen, Learn & Take Action for Your Child

3 locations in 2014
East Coast~West Coast~Midwest

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ~ April 25-26
Costa Mesa, California ~ October 3-4
St. Paul, Minnesota ~ November 8

Why TACA Real Help Now?

So many reasons! Here are the top two. . .
#1 – Conference Workbook

Registered attendees will have a conference workbook containing the powerpoint presentations of the speakers. This allows every attendee to follow along slide by slide, write personal notes in margins and most importantly take the whole thing home to be used over and over again as a resource of information. Every presentation is reviewed by TACA’s physician advisory board. Sorry, this workbook is only available at the conference. It cannot be mailed out or purchased separately.

#2 – TACA Parent Mentors

TACA Parent Mentors have been there, done that. Our trained and experienced mentors will be on hand to work with you one-on-one to answer your questions and share their own experiences to help you on your journey.

A few more reasons. . .
Whether you are just starting out on the autism journey or are an experienced parent, you will learn from nationally known experts about how you can help your child at the Real Help Now Conference.

Two tracks are available to help you where you are on your journey:

Track I is for parents/caregivers who have received a diagnosis for their child in the last two years. Level I is aimed at parents/caregivers considering starting special diets or who have been utilizing special diets for less than a year. Your child may have been diagnosed more than two years ago but you are starting to consider biomedical treatments and special diets at this time. Even though your child was diagnosed more than two years ago, Level I is aimed at helping you take the next step.

Track II is for parents/caregivers who have been on the autism journey for more than two years. Level II sessions will assume participants have knowledge regarding beginner lab tests, restricted diets and supplementation for their child.

TACA strives to ensure that the focus of our conference is education and support, and to provide a safe, supportive environment for our attendees. TACA reserves the right to refuse admittance to any individual.


TACA has a FaceBook page devoted to conferences. If you are planning to attend, check it out to get ready to learn as much as you can. If you have already attended a TACA conference, like the page to find photos of the conference you attended in person.

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January 6th, 2014